Who’s Beautiful Bray?

October 20, 2008

Often when people use the word “beautiful” they overlook it’s true meaning and use the word to refer to an outward appearance of someone or something. In actuality the definition of the word is quite deeper and more powerful than that. Beauty is not a reference to physical aesthetic, rather its definition is to attract & stimulate the senses.

Bray is my Beautiful(In every sense of the word) grandmother’s maiden name. She’s a wonderful woman who has done much to make an impact on man lives & fulfill her God-given purpose by committing her life to loving and nurturing her husband for more than 45 years, raising a beautiful family, and contributing to society by helping those in need.  Making it desirable to her daughters, granddaughters, great-grands & any women to be a lady, simply by being herself & leading by example. All the while remaining gorgeous and grounded.

I combined the two because it is one of my goals to become a combination of the two. A Beautiful person, and a Beautiful woman who is just as much a presence as Theresa Bray Nickerson was and still very much is.


Love is Blind…

October 24, 2010

You can get no more cliche’ then the all-too popular “Love is Blind” statement, often used as an excuse for what one some would consider past relationship blunders, no matter how cliche it is, it is very true…

Attempting to explain, cover, or even address the short film that is Runaway in a single blog post would be doing it a great disservice as I feel there were layers of topics in the film that stood out, but there was one scene in particular that stood out to me, for a number of reasons, but one of them were due to a conversation that took place as follows…

Dinner Guest: Your Girlfriend is really Beautiful

Kanye West: Thank You..

Dinner Guest: Did you notice she’s a bird?!

Kanye West: Nah, I never noticed that…

Clearly, Kanye West’s character was being facetious, but the conversation rings true for those that are in love or believe they are anyway. When one is lead to believe they’re in love, you care not about what anyone else thinks of the love of your life, nor particularly about your loved one’s flaws. We may notice a flaw or two but more often than not we choose to make excuses for or in some cases totally disregard these flaws and/or differences. Agreed?

After removing myself from a situation I realized a slew of “flaws”. That were shown to me along the way but I chose to disregard or undermine. For some reason or another, this brief exchange of words brought me right back to that “situation”, and made me wonder when we are in that state of “love” when we’re so entranced by someone that we’re willing to disregard obvious traits of theirs…. Are we entranced by “love” or is it “lust”. Just a thought…



Runaway… The Film

October 24, 2010

This evening Mr. Kanye West World Premiere of “Runaway”, the Short Film which shares the title of the current Single from “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy“, which is to be released on November 22 and is now available for Pre-Order on iTunes.

The film was Beautiful to me… From the music selection… Imagery… And last but certainly not least the Phoenix, which I believe was well played by Selita Ebanks. Below are some stills from the film that I thought to be especially striking and after the jump is the actual film. Enjoy…

Selita Ebanks as "The Phoenix"

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Everything Happens for a Reason…

October 24, 2010

As the year unfolds I find myself reciting this phrase to myself, and I genuinely believe it to be true. Whether it be the most terrible thing you can imagine… or the most Amazing act ever… Trust it happens for a reason.

This year has one of the most tumultuous years of my 23 years of life thus far, and I probably wouldn’t be as happy as I currently am if I didn’t believe this phrase to be true.

One period in which I really had to meditate on this phrase was the passing of my Grandmother… The Muse for this blog & other goals in the works… To have known her was to truly have loved her & have been inspired to be better. She was the most Beautiful person I’ve known & what radiated that beauty was not her striking features, lovely smile, or sense of style… but her compassion for all, her desire to help others, and her love of life.

Initially, it was only naturally for me to be upset by the lack of her presence in my life, the inability to speak with her as I loved to, or just watching her “jam” to her favorite tune… But as thought about things I realized that I had a tremendous amount of memories & an awesome life to reflect on and use as a blueprint to be just as memorable as she. While it surely doesn’t suffice, it is an assurance and a catalyst for me to evolve as an individual, something I probably wouldn’t consider if she was present. So, as difficult as it may be, there is even purpose in my beloved Grandma’s death, something I’m slowly but surely coming to terms with.

In life I think it is important to remember that “Everything happens for a reason”, not just in good times, but especially in difficult times as those tend to be our defining moments. If we take the time to realize the truth of this phrase I think we can get through life alot easier…